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how much do you charge to take home after taxes

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  Washing our garments to keep them sweet is cleanly, but it is the opposite toreal cleanliness to hide dirt in them. Through giving way to hiding dirt in ourgarments a spirit which would conceal that which is disagreeable isstrengthened. Real cleanliness becometh a holy people; but hiding that which isnot clean by colouring our garments seems contrary to the sweetness ofsincerity. Through some sorts of dyes cloth is rendered less useful. And if thevalue of dye-stuffs, and expense of dyeing, and the damage done to cloth, wereall added together, and that cost applied to keeping all sweet and clean, howmuch more would real cleanliness prevail.

  His concern for the poor and those in affliction was evident by his visits tothem, whom he frequently relieved by his assistance and charity. He was formany years deeply exercised on account of the poor enslaved Africans, whosecause, as he mentioned, lay almost continually upon him; and he laboured toobtain liberty for those captives both in public and in private, and wasfavoured to see his endeavours crowned with considerable success. He wasparticularly desirous that Friends should not be instrumental to lay burdens onthis oppressed people, but should remember the days of suffering from whichthey had been providentially delivered, that, if times of trouble shouldreturn, no injustice dealt to those in slavery might rise in judgment againstus, but, being clear, we might on such occasions address the Almighty with adegree of confidence for His interposition and relief, being particularlycareful as to himself not to contenance slavery even by the use of thoseconveniences of life which were furnished by their labour.

年 会款项乃会友所认捐,而捐钱的人当中有不少是畜奴的,那些决意继续畜奴的人当然不愿见这类书籍的传布,尤其不愿意用他们所捐的钱来出版这类书籍。奴隶当中 已有不少能阅读的,他们获得这类赠送的书籍往往秘藏起来。但是凡购买此书的人大抵是要阅读的,所以我愿意廉价出售,希望他们小心阅读。这书的广告业经出版 部负责人通过,将于我们年会中讨论会务的月会宣读,让人家知道什么地方可以购买此书,而售价只合印刷及装订的成本而已。我们附近一带售出颇多,另一部分则 寄往纽约及新埠给相识的人,还有一些我自己保存,准备于需要时分发。

这 议案通过后,我心中仍因曾以不良态度与前辈朋友说话而觉不安,且无法掩饰这种不安之情,只是我仍谨慎,不愿意说出任何足以削弱我对这问题之主张的话。在心 中为了不曾紧张随圣灵引导而痛切悔改之后,我就站立起来提起这事,告诉朋友们我虽然不敢改变这问题的初衷,可是我知道我若应用比较温和的言语,必将有更好 的结果。在一场意气的争执之后,这几句自卑的话似乎使大家觉得轻松愉快多了。


  As I was favoured to keep to the root, and endeavour to discharge what Ibelieved was required of me, I found inward peace therein, from time to time,and thankfulness of heart to the Lord, who was graciously pleased to be a guideto me.

这 以后我们又往左坦和三港,并至安妮的家。过去几天的气候炎热干燥,我们的旅行没有停息,沿路在各聚会处辛勤工作,于是我觉得身体逐渐衰弱,颇感沮丧;可是 想起这次的旅行,和主怎样在支持我们的身心,使我们的行程比当初所预斯者更快,我就看出自己是处在一种强烈地盼望早日结束这次访问的危险中,而现在身体上 的软弱可说是从上面来的恩慈;这样,在痛悔中我感谢慈悲天父对我所彰显的爱;在对祂意旨的谦卑顺服中重新奉献我的信赖。

一 七六六年十一月十三日,得到本月会朋友们的同意,我和敬爱的朋友钟士结伴,一同出发访问本州北部朋友;我心中存这意念已有相当时候了。我们旅行到哈德威 克,在爱中工作,内心殊觉安宁。由于神的恩眷我对于西南部一带朋友们以及他们的奴仆所处困难更能了解,心中既常记挂他们的事,因此相信我应当到马里兰西海 岸某些地方访问他们。从本月会取得证件之后我就和家人告别,心中充满真理之爱,于一七六七年四月廿日动身,先骑马到费城对岸的渡头,当夜从那里又到德比地 方贺尼的家,以后独自旅行,来到康科得周会聚会处。


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