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"All things must change," said he to the Baron, as he embraced him, and held him by the hand."Friends must be torn asunder, and swept along in the current of events, to see each other seldom, and perchance no more. For ever and ever in the eddies of time and accident we whirl away. Besides which, some of us have a perpetual motion in our wooden heads, as Wodenblock had in his wooden leg; and like him we travel on, without rest or sleep, and have hardly time to take a friend by the hand in passing; and at length are seen hurrying through some distant land, worn to a skeleton, and all unknown."

Thou alone canst raise it,

"Did you ever see him?"

The breakfast passed without any unusual occurrence. Flemming watched the entrance of every guest; but she came not,--the guest he most desired to see.


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