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how much does custom art cost

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‘A new guy. Mo Digence. He’s Irish, like you. It makes things very convenient. No visas, no papers, no elaborate cover story. Just two short guys home for the holidays.’

Barre chewed it over. ‘OK. Let’s synchronize schedules. The forensics team is going to be in there for a couple of hours. Nothing I can do about that. But at six-thirty precisely, I can guarantee there won’t be anyone on duty. You have five minutes.’

‘What’s happening, Cube?’ spluttered Spiro. ‘You said that we’d all be wiped from the tapes.’

‘Artemis, can you guarantee this is not going to come back to haunt me? Technically, we’re looking at a homicide.’

The red laser led straight into the belly of the lift. Holly floated into the metal box and descended to the eighty-fifth floor. The guiding laser led her out of the lift and down the corridor.

‘The battles are catching up with me,’ said Butler, a palm across his heaving chest. ‘Time to retire, I think.’

‘It better not hurt,’ warned Loafers. ‘Or you’ll be hurting shortly afterwards.’

Commons sighed. ‘Good. Great. It’s just sometimes when you get that look in your eye . . .’


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